September 20, 2022

Dear Marcia Parrott and Faithful Friends Animal Sanctuary Board of Directors,

In May, my Mother’s dog (who was adopted from Faithful Friends six years ago) passed away. To say the least, my mother was devastated. That little dog was her best friend and suddenly, she found herself alone. Since Mother adopted her precious “Shuggie” (a beautiful red Pomeranian) from FFAS, I wanted to let Mary and the staff know that she had crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Mary was very grateful that I called to let her know.

My mother, being 88 years young, I thought for sure wouldn’t be interested in adopting another dog. The sequence of events that occurred after Shuggie’s passing, seemingly reassure me that some things are just “meant to be”. My thinking was that Mother was 88 years young (but a very competent, spry 88) and not only would she not be interested in another dog, but there would be no one who would ever allow adoption of a dog to a person that age. To my surprise, my Mother mentioned to me that she would love to have another dog. Because I was concerned that no one would allow her to adopt a dog, I would change the subject or put her off every time she would mention it.

Ironically, several days later, Mary called me to ask if my Mother would perhaps be interested in another dog. She said she had a couple that she felt might be a good fit but wanted to reassure me that there was no pressure. We visited Faithful Friends to meet the dogs that Mary suggested. There was one, “Roddy”, a 12 year old Pekinese, that Mother and I were very fond of. We thought about it for a few days, and Mother decided she would like to give him a chance. The rest….. is pretty much history. He is such a sweet, wonderful companion, full of life and energy, and has worked out perfectly for her! He gets lots of love and attention and walks every day. He is just the best boy ever and he doesn’t let Mother leave his sight. They are truly perfect for each other.

My purpose for writing this letter is to let you know about our experience with Mary and Faithful Friends Animal Sanctuary. I have been in contact with Mary several times since the adoption to provide updates on Roddy and because I want her to know how grateful I am that she considered my Mom to adopt a pet from Faithful Friends. Mary does an exceptional job matching a pet to its human and it is very evident that she runs the sanctuary with a kind, caring heart. The sanctuary is beyond blessed, indeed, to have Mary as the Director. In addition, I am most impressed with the cleanliness and health of the animals there. For these reasons, I will continue to offer as much financial support as possible for this truly wonderful organization.

Thank you, Mary, and the staff of Faithful Friends Animal sanctuary for saving and helping those who cannot help themselves. May you be blessed for all your endeavors.


Kelly Smith

Hi Fellow Lovers of Furry Friends

I want to commend the staff, management, and donors for Faithful Friends Animal Sanctuary (FFAS) in Rowan County for the dedication you show for dogs and cats. I have visited many times and always find so many cute future pets in a well-cared for environment and facility. While I am sure all of them want to get to their future home, they seem to enjoy the care and love they receive.

I have personally adopted two cats years apart from FFAS. The first one I tell everyone is my very special friend and one of the best pets I’ve ever enjoyed. She is well-tempered and so pretty. She sleeps under my right arm every night and keeps me company during the day even when I travel between my two homes. Unfortunately, my second cat died as a young kitten from a seizure. I was warned about the seizure condition when I adopted her, but I wanted to take the risk and see if I could find a cure. Unfortunately, I could not, but we enjoyed about four months of love and attachment.

I cherish the environment you create at FFAS and contribute donations whenever possible. I also ask family and friends to donate to FFAS instead of giving me a gift. I have four cats now and all of them are adopted, but I will always look to my friends at FFAS whenever I need a furry friends in the future.

Thanks for all that you do and I ask everyone to keep FFAS in mind when you look for a great place and cause for charitable contributions!!


Terry Morgan

September 20, 2022

Faithful Friends is a hidden gem. I have two friends that have done volunteer work there for several years, so I was familiar with the name, but had never seen the facility until about a year ago. My first impression was how much land was associated with the site and how well maintained the grounds were. Upon entering the building there was no smell that is usually associated with shelters, and everything was pristine and clean.

My grandson had been begging for a dog for several years. I told him when he was old enough to be responsible and take care of a pet, I would consider it. Upon turning 10 this year we decided now was the time. So the search began. I have always preferred to adopt a pet rather than buy. We decided what we were looking for and word went out to several friends and vet techs to keep their eyes open for us.

First stop was the vet where I had adopted my last two pets. They no longer handle adoptions. Next stop Rowan Animal shelter. They had mostly larger dogs. Then my friend who volunteers at Faithful Friends said there was a dog I might be interested in taking a look at. We talked to Mary and set up an appointment to visit and meet the possible adoptee.

The dog we met was physically exactly what were were looking for – male, black and white shih tzu, 8 years old (I’m so over being a puppy mom). He immediately related to me. He was very tolerant with my grandson, however, did not interact much. We took him outside to walk which he wasn’t very keen about, and when we came back in Mary said I have another dog I want you to meet. I was surprised.

Mary brings out this little black female shih tzu mix and she immediately went to my grandson. It was love at first sight. Needless to say she is the newest member of our family and settled in like she had always been with us. Mary had the insight to recognize the first dog was not the best fit for us.

I have sung the praises of Faithful Friends to many friends and told them what a great experience we had. One person asked about the adoption fee. When I told her $250, she immediately said oh that’s too high. I explained that we got a female dog that had been fully vet checked and given a clean bill of health, given all shots needed, spayed, microchipped, given a heart worm shot good for one year and even groomed before we picked her up. Go check those prices with the vet and tell me if you still think the adoption fee is too high. I was amazed that Faithful Friends took care of all this prior to new ownership.

In closing, I want to say there is a hidden gem within a hidden gem and that is Mary Padavick. I was so impressed that she stayed with us during each visit to observe behavior between animal/human. Her insight is spot on. Again, I was impressed that she took the time to observe. She was always easy to reach and willing to communicate past history of the adoptee, which was very helpful.

Faithful Friends is a great facility and Mary is wonderful in helping you find your perfect furever baby. We feel truly blessed to have found ours.

Angie Hayes

September 2022

Due to illness, a pet owner could no longer care for her dog and surrendered her little companion to Faithful Friends Animal Sanctuary.

With a broken heart since losing Elmer to complications from eye surgery, I contacted FFAS to adopt another dog. I visited the shelter and met with two different dogs but found no connection with either dog. On my next visit, Mary introduced me to the sweetest chihuahua ever! The FFAS staff is dedicated to finding the right animal for each household.

I hope the person that surrendered their loving companion to FFAS knows that he was surrounded by dedicated staff and volunteers that cared for him until his forever home was found.

Little Bailey has brought so much joy to my home and neighborhood. His previous owner took him for walks in a dog stroller. After numerous unsuccessful attempts at walking Bailey on a leash, I purchased a dog stroller and am now continuing the tradition of walking him in a stroller. Bailey and I are much happier, and the neighbors all enjoy seeing him out for an evening stroll!


September 2022

An adult chihuahua was found on a hot August day in a crate along the side of a road, with no water or food. He eventually found his way to Faithful Friends Animal Sanctuary. When he arrived, he was scared, had no hair, and wanted to bite everyone! Through the patience, love, and care from Mary Padavick and the FFAS staff and volunteers, he settled into a routine – eat, sleep, and go outside. He wasn’t very social and just wanted to bury himself into his comfy bed and blankets. Mary loved and worked with him, and they eventually established a trusting bond. As a volunteer at FFAS, this unsocial chihuahua caught my eye, not because he was the cutest dog I had ever seen (remember he was hairless, had a tattoo and scars from possible cigarette burns), and he always had that grumpy worried look. After my volunteer shifts were over, I would sit on the floor in an area where he was. The first few times together, he paid no attention to me, but then he started coming out of his bed and getting closer, until one day he finally sat on my lalp. Rather than him possibly spending the rest of his life at FFAS, I thought he could live in my home, buried under his blankets. Mary guided me on care for the temperamental little chihuahua.

Elmer turned out to be the most loveable dog I have ever had. While he still liked to bury himself under five blankets, he turned out to have such a huge personality. He enjoyed going on walks, playing with toys, running around the house, going for rides in the car – and even started growing back his hair.

It’s hard to think about what would have happened to this neglected and malnourished dog if he had not found his way to Faithful Friends. And because of the hard work and dedication of FFAS staff, Elmer became a loving companion that I will never forget.

Rita Peters